Teaching Your Brain to Knit
Brainy: 20:20 Behind the Redwood Curtain. 31:09
What We're Learning from our Knitting:
Catherine is enjoying progress on her Stephen West's Twists and Turns shawl knitalong https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/twists--turns-westknits-mkal-2022 and is trying out some fun dyeing techniques for fabric. Margaret reports on mosaic crochet, gnome knitting, and some of her favorite projects from the past.
Sarah Schira. https://www.ravelry.com/designers/sarah-schira
The pattern I used was I*heart*FATW5. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/iheartfatw5 rosina crochet.  Rosina Plane. https://www.ravelry.com/designers/rosina-plane
Brainy Thing:
Catherine points out the value of making a plan in case of unexpected events and Margaret talks about how to develop a Joyous Amygdala. She also mentions some of her favorite Brainy segments from the past
Behind the Redwood Curtain:
Catherine and Margaret report on highlights from the past from Behind the Redwood Curtain and Catherine advocates for independent podcasts . Catherine promotes the podcast Chronicles from Behind the Redwood Curtain:
This podcast's future
For now, this "Ma and Ma" podcast will stop regular production. We thank all our listeners for their support over the years.
Welcome to Episode 145 of Teaching Your Brain to Knit where we share information about planing for unexpected events and how to grow a joyful amygdala. We talk about knitting shawls, dyeing fabric, trying mosaic crochet and finishing a knitted gnome. We also mention highlights from past Behind the Redwood Curtain segments and Catherine promotes another Humboldt podcast. Finally we   report on the future of this podcast.

Brainy:  1o:12   Behind the Redwood Curtain:  20:47
What We're Learning from our Knitting:
Catherine is continuing her knitting odyssey with Stephen West's Twists and Turns Shawl,
Brainy Thing:
New words that describe the comfort we lack and long for. 
hygge: coziness
Solastalgia:   distress of environmental change
Here are some links:
Behind the Redwood Curtain
At the end of 2022, the courts approved a plan to remove four dams on the Klamath River which are destructive to fish species and cause toxic blue green algae. 
live condor feed:
We announce that after our next episode (145), we will be discontinuing the podcast in its current form.
Welcome to episode 144 of Teaching Your Brain to Knit while we report on Hygge and Solastalgia--comfort and longing for comfort; Catherine updates us on her Twists and Turns adventure and celebrates completing a gnome and a snitch while Margaret reports on teaching her bones to knit and finally talks about the victory on the Klamath River for the fish, the quality of the river, and the environment with four dam removals.