Teaching Your Brain to Knit
Our Learning and Favorite Projects in Knitting over the last year
Margaret shares insights she’s learned about in her knitting in general (like she loves stockinette aesthetically but doesn’t enjoy knitting a lot of it) and Catherine states that she’s enjoyed observing how her skills have increased.
Favorite Brainy Segments
Catherine was fascinated by learning about the Forgetting Curve (Ep. 34  3.1.16) and Margaret by Happy Brain Chemicals (Ep. 69 4.1.17) 
Memorable Behind the Redwood Curtain Segments
Catherine enjoyed delving deeper into the life of the sand dollar even though she’s been picking them up all her life.  Margaret is still smitten with the Humboldt Botanical Garden.
Podcast Links
website https://teachingyourbraintoknit.com/ for show notes, photos of our knitting and crochet projects, Behind the Redwood Curtain places and things and anything else we decide to post.
This episode of Teaching your Brain to Knit is a little bit different than our usual ones.   It is episode 75, and as Catherine points out, our diamond jubilee and we review some of our favorite knitting, brain information and Behind the Redwood Curtain segments.  We’ll return to our regular format in the next episode.
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