Teaching Your Brain to Knit
Brainy Thing: 18:02       Redwood Curtain  31:02
What We’re Learning from Our Knitting:
Margaret learns a lot about teaching and learning by  teaching a beginner crochet to a group using the pattern of Simple Single Crochet Hat  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/simple-single-crochet-hat
by K T and the Squid  (  Katy Petersen.)  She and the class used  Valley Yarns aran (discontinued).  
Catherine also was into crochet this time for her dishcloth swap group.   She learned some new techniques  with the Partly Sunny pattern (99 cents) by Stacey L W   Lee   Partly sunny   toots and momo designs
We hear the phrase Hand-eye coordination but why is that so important to us and our brains.  Margaret explores the topic.  
OT Mom Learning Activities 
Shirley Brice Heath   Journal of language and literacy journal of education
Redwood Curtain
For a small town, Arcata, CA has unexpected cultural diversity in it’s business.  Catherine shares information about Los Bagels, a Jewish-Mexican Bakery and how they unite the community with their dia de los muertos  or dia de muertos altar.