Teaching Your Brain to Knit
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What we’re learning from our knitting:
With no finished project, Margaret offers an update of her knitting:   Knit the sky Scarf  (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sky-scarf);  Bathroom jar covers;   Nair-Nai’s favorite wash cloth (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nai-nais-favorite);   30 day knitting challenge  (https://knitom.com/30-day-challenge/)
Catherine falls in love with Patty Lyons Cable Cardigan in Vogue Knitting Fall 2018  and she is searching for non-wool yarn that will work for a sweater ;     https://www.ravelry.com/designers/patty-lyons
Brainy Thing:  
Yes, Sitting a lot — even with other exercise in the day is bad for your heart and your metabolism but new research shows that it may also be bad for your brain: 
sitting and thinning of the brain
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The Conversation — academic rigour with a journalistic flair
One commenter, emmer, adds   “ . . .was surprised to learn that it [knitting while walking] dates at least to the time of elizabeth the first of England. It seems she was given a pair of silk stockings and declared them wonderful. Of course they became all the rage at court and the style trickled down to all who could afford them. Prior to this era, those who could afford it, wrapped their legs with a length of cloth, rather like wide ace bandages. Poor folks went bare-legged.
The fashion for stockings created a peasant cottage industry. to facilitate walking while knitting, belts with a small rigid horizontal leather strip were worn. The end of a knitting needle rested on the leather strip, helping to stabilize the work."
Behind the Redwood Curtain:   
Blackberry season:
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In this episode of Teaching Your Brain to Knit, we report that new research shows that being sedentary not only is bad for your overall health but also may thin the part of the brain responsible  for memory;  Margaret offers updates on her knitting projects and Catherine shares her early adventures in knitting a Vogue knitting sweater pattern by Patty Lyons;  and we celebrate Blackberry season on the North Coast.   We also have another giveaway.